“With a title like this, of course, I was compelled to read this beautifully written book! A fascinating and adventurous life, spiced with danger, and with a love story thrown in. You can’t go wrong.”

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE
Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace

“Fear, excitement, dread and delight send the adventurer forth, and these propel young Annie through a riot of explorations: Ethiopia, at the height of the anti-Haile Selassie movement; weeks in the desert with little water and less food; Kenya, to photograph shy and gentle tribespeople; to a place where “hyenas howl” and “dawn breaks as a strip of lavender grey above the mountains’ black jagged silhouette.”

Each chapter brims with anticipation and springs alive with poignant description. A girl reveals in a glance the story of her desperate hunger, told in words so intense we can smell Africa, from the spices to the rotting fruit. Teeming with historical overview and literary flourish,

“Longing for Africa: Stories Inspired by the life of Jane Goodall. reads like Graham Greene plus romance.”

Cathy Luchetti, Author

“Ann Schrank writes like a magical spider, spinning continental webs that ensnare the reader. Her Africa in this terribly beautiful book is not easy to escape. Despite, or maybe because of, the cruel politics, the disease, the wildlife, and the sheer craziness of the people, this often violent place pulses with life, and hope. Owning a great story doesn’t guarantee being able to tell it well. It’s a gift with which Ms. Schrank is lavishly endowed.

There’s flavor, fragrance, wit, perseverance, and pinpoint observational awareness, to which I can personally attest, as I know these places, and was there during the narrative timeframe.  It all has a certain upside-down, illogical certainty that is both lawless and joyful, horrific and thrilling.  In a time when everything is a version of something else, how unexpected, and exhilarating, to read a story that suggests a shadow of a famous primatologist, but then subverts conventions to create an African path that feels so completely original and fresh.”

Richard Bangs, Author

“Longing for Africa: Stories Inspired by the life of Jane Goodall. is a memorable story of love, loss and Italian cooking. Schrank’s descriptions of the Palmucci’s Sunday lunch table had me dining right there alongside her. Schrank is a skillful storyteller, writing with compassion and fondness for the people who care about Africa and those who have come to call the continent home.”

Robyn Keene-Young, Author and wildlife documentary producer